By SMHAEN we believe that development is the way forward in life. Therefore, we are proud about our MASTER DUBBING TWISTER. The SMHAEN Master dubbing twister is the only dubbing twister in the world with a 100% dubbing loop control system. It is a modern designed tool, but still a classic fly tying dubbing twister. Thanks to a very balanced weight. Whether you´re a beginner or a professional fly tyer, the dubbing twister deliver maximum dubbing loop control. With a small pressure between the fingers, the loop can be opened and closed again, whenever the fly tier needs this.  Thanks to the perfectly balanced design, the master dubbing twister always spin the materials very smooth and tight. The open and closing technique, simply gives the fly tyers new possibilities in their fly tying. the built in plier means that you can make stronger bodies and do more complex and difficult dubbing metode for you fly tying.

It just feels something special when you tie your flies with a quality tool, it gives you much greater joy and makes it a greater experience. We think!



- Modern design

- Classic use with hook system

- Built in plier with dubbing loop control

- 100% loop control

- shaft with marks for easy spinning

- Perfectly balanced spinning

- Perfectly balanced weight

The Dubbing twister is in a midge size, blue color. This size we think is perfect for most of the fly tying, where a dubbing twister is needed. If you tye the small flies, larger flies, the twister will do the work. It is simply just perfect and made for this kind of tying.


Regular, Red.

  • Weight 38 gram.
  • Lenght 6,3 cm.

Midge, Blue.

  • Weight 28 gram.
  • Lenght 6,1 cm