More than being a fly tying tool company, we see ourselves as fly fishermen, who happen to make fly tying tools. As fly fishermen we want Our flies to look, and fish perfectly. That we can do with tools that work perfectly, last a lifetime, and look wonderfull! All Our Fly tying tools will be designed to do just that.

About me02

The Founder.

As a passionated Fly Fisher and Mechanical Engineer with over 40 years of

Fly Fishing experience, in teaching (guiding ,tying, casting ) & also designing

gear for some well known brands. I have come to the realization that it is time

for me to Pursue the next phase of my passion by introducing my very own line

of gear. Thus for creating a business while still harboring my Love of the sport!

I have been inspired by the people I've met along the way, and I am grateful for

the experiences that have enriched More so my love for my passion!


 I started tying flies at the age of twelve. In the very beginning I held the  hook between my fingers and only

possessed one tying tool, which was a dubbing needle, that being a sewing needle from my mom's sewing

box. I used it for vanishing the head of the fly, and for splitting wing feathers for wet and dry flies. Later on, 

I acquired my first fly tying vice. A simple piece of equipment, but for me, a big improvement. My flies looked

much better. Now, the hackle was not squashed between my finger tips, but was positioned accurately

with the right tension from the tying thread. The fly head was easier to make, and  varnishing became more 

precise. The next tool I learned how to use was a whip finisher, a strange looking thing until I learned how to

use it correctly, but today an indispensable item . A pair of hackle pliars and a bobbin, were next in line. Later

in my career I started tying flies for several different tackle shops. Tying a handsome fly it is not only a matter

of patterns and materials, but also of having the right tools for the job, and which in addition should be a

pleasure to use.  All through my fly fishing life I’ve always dreamed of creating  my very own fly tying tool, and

then to share it with my fly fishing collegues. Now it’s not just a dream  anymore, but reality!  In the future I’ll

be doing my best to develop new and innovative fly tying tools, that will make your fly tying easier and more



Tight Lines

Stig M. Hansen

CEO and Founder